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for more than 17 years

We have extensive worldwide experience with corporate clients: in Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia and the USA. Contact us to learn how we can help you. More about us...
.NET Development Company

We have already been specializing in custom software development using the .NET Framework and related technologies for 14 years.

Development of ERP and ECM systems

Learn how we are helping IT teams to develop the Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Microsoft Office Add-in Development

Find out how we can simplify and speed up business processes creating customized solutions to increase the functionality of Microsoft Office.

Integration of Web Applications with the Windows

Learn how we help web application developers to integrate their systems with Windows and desktop applications.

Our Expertise

Native Windows Desktop Development

Design and development of beautiful and functional classic applications that work well on Windows, including enterprise software products.

Our Expertise

Technical Consulting for .NET Framework

Qualified technical assistance for .NET Framework technologies prior to the development, at the design stage and in the implementation of complex parts of the system, help in finding solutions.

Our Expertise

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of the software after commissioning, support of the users of the system on behalf of the customer, addition of new functionality and elimination of defects.


Web and Windows Desktop Integration

Integrating Web Services with desktop applications or Windows operating system to automate processes and ensuring interoperability across platforms and subsystems.

Microsoft Office Add-ins Development

Creating Add-ins for Microsoft Office applications. Adding new consumer and enterprise level features integrated into the standard interface.

Enterprise Application Development and Integration

Developing ERP and ECM systems for enterprises. Integration and support of both new and outdated systems, addition of new functions, synchronization of enterprise systems.

Application re-engineering and optimization

Modernizing applications or separate modules, optimizing architecture, system functionality extension. It is possible to work with projects without documentation.

Software Testing Services

Testing software as part of the development process. The service includes functional testing and testing of the usability of components or systems.

Database Architecture Review and Code Analysis

Analysis of the structure of the database and SQL-queries, search for problem areas in the source code, general recommendations for problems remedies.

What we do?

We thoroughly study your requirements and business goals, and with this in mind our specialists offer the best solutions for IT teams of professionals who will work with you every step of the way on your software development projects.

We provide a full cycle of hiring a highly-qualified IT specialists, or a team of experts specifically for your business projects. You save costs on an office space, insurance, taxes and accounting since the staff you hire is physically located with us.

Our customers often delegate their IT part of business over to us to be able to focus on their core activities. They trust our long-term experience as we have he appropriate level of knowledge and qualifications.

Our top-qualified R&D expert team provides full technical analysis to define what your particular IT needs are. Then we look for a perfect combination of required technologies and skills, when we employ the desired staff for your project.

Any business faces with certain challenges every once in a while – that’s when a fresh idea, a piece of good advice or a business analysis is highly recommended. We consult on how to best improve existing solutions and realize new ones.

Success stories

Client: Scandinavian IT company operating in the field of information technology, communications and business process management.

Solution: Assistance in the development of a large ERP system for the energy sector.

Tools & Technologies: C#, .NET, Windows Forms, WCF, Windows Services, ADO.NET, SOAP web services.

Years: 10+  years for the product evolution and maintenance.

Client: Germany leading provider of innovative consulting and IT solutions for the areas of Justice, Church, Government and Enterprise Content Management.

Solution: A holistic solution for combining the functions of the company's centralized document storage in Alfresco and the mailbox Outlook, which helped retrieve and archive loads of critical content from user mailboxes for improved operational documentation, compliance and sharing.

Tools & Technologies: C#, .NET, Alfresco Web Scripts, REST, VSTO, Redemption, Aspose .NET, WSE, MSI.

Years: 4 months for initial development, 9 years for the product evolution and maintenance.

Client´s feedback

“Working with you was a very positive experience. Your dedication to build good solutions and your commitment to fix issues quickly was very valuable to create the high-quality product we delivered.
We went through some difficult times together, but you always kept a positive attitude and you came up with new solutionsapproaches. I highly appreciate that!”

Client´s feedback

“Working with you is a pleasure. Both quality and service were excellent.
I know that documentation was very poor, but you solved the issues very effectively and with excellent quality. I hope that our cooperation continues.”

Client´s feedback

“We have long common history from earlier years and it is nice to see how you have developed yourself professionally. I’m very satisfied for the work you have done and the level of co-operation between us.
I’m very pleased that our co-operation continues!”

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Our Benefits

In our work, we adhere to high corporate standards in both code writing and business ethics. We have experienced specialists. We do not hire people until we are sure of their reliability. We honestly voice the problems that arise during the development and inform about the boundaries of our competence.


In developing, we are guided by the system approach. We solve problems in a complex manner, laying down universality. We build a competent application architecture that is easily scalable in the future.


We are always in touch. At the same time, we are able to independently explore the possibilities of realizing the task at hand. We make the right decisions with minimum information. We argue the provided solution and the choice of ways of implementation, if necessary explaining why, what and how it is done.


We respect our Clients and strictly keep commercial secrets. If necessary, we guarantee the confidentiality of our participation in the project. We provide technical support to the Client customers under his brand. We take care of the security of the code.

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Modus OÜ

Peterburi tee 46,
11415 Tallinn,
Harjumaa, Estonia
(+372) 6211 240

About company


MODUS is an Estonian IT-company with an office in Tallinn, which was founded in the year 2000. We are engaged in the development of classic Windows applications, Windows Shell Integration, specialized web-based services based on ASP.NET and Add-ins for Microsoft Office.

Now, more than half of our portfolio make ERP and ECM systems for corporate customers, we help to develop them to major IT companies. The second half are customized Add-ins to Office (Outlook, Word, Excel). Office Add-ins are plug-ins that help automate many of the internal processes in the enterprise.

Among our clients, there are major IT companies, small start-ups, and large international corporations. Our distinctive characteristic, which the customers distinguish themselves, is what we are intellectual developers. We do not just write code, we are building with the care operable systems. It is due to the approach and specialization that 90% of our customers turn to us.

We have extensive worldwide experience with corporate clients: in Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, Canada and the USA. Contact us to learn how we can help you.