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Modus is a team of software development professionals. We believe that open cooperation and passion for development can make processes more efficient and software solutions more perfect.

Development Company

We’ve specialized in custom software development using the .NET Framework and related technologies for 15 years. We provide qualified technical assistance for these technologies and helping find solutions.

Enterprise Application Development

Learn about how we’re helping IT teams develop ERP and ECM systems for enterprises, integrating and supporting new and outdated systems, adding new functions, and synchronizing it with each other.

Office Add-In Development

Find out how we can simplify and speed up business processes by creating customized solutions to increase the functionality of Microsoft Office.

Our Services

Custom Application Development for Web and Windows Desktop

Designing and developing attractive, functional classic applications that run well on Windows, including enterprise software products.

Web and Windows Desktop Integration

Integrating Web services with desktop applications or Windows to automate processes and ensure interoperability across platforms and subsystems.

Microsoft Office Add-ins Development

Creating add-ins for Microsoft Office applications and adding new consumer- and enterprise-level features integrated into the standard interface.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of software after commissioning, supporting system users on behalf of the client, adding new functionality, and eliminating defects.

Application Re-Engineering and Optimization

Modernizing applications or separate modules, optimizing architecture, and extending system functionality –  we can even work on projects without documentation.

Software Testing Services

Testing software as part of the development process – this service includes functional testing and testing the usability of components or systems.

Database Architecture Review and Code Analysis

Analysis of the structure of application databases and SQL queries, searching for problem areas in source code, and providing general recommendations regarding fixes.

What we offer

We thoroughly study your requirements and business goals. Our specialists then use this information to offer you the best solutions. We provide you with teams of IT professionals who will work with you every step of the way on your software development projects.

We provide a full employment cycle and can recruit a highly-qualified IT specialist or team of experts specifically for your business projects. You’ll save on office space, insurance, taxes, and accounting because the employees you hire will be physically located in our office.

Our customers often delegate the IT component of their business to us so they can focus on their core activities. They trust our long-term experience because they know that we have the appropriate level of knowledge and qualifications.

Our highly-qualified team of R&D experts perform a full technical analysis to determine what your particular IT needs are. Then we look for the perfect combination of technology and skills before staffing your project.

Every business faces certain challenges from time to time. This is when a fresh idea, some good advice, or a business analysis can really come in handy. We give you priceless suggestions on the best way to improve existing solutions and implement new ones.

Success stories

Client: a Finnish IT company active in the fields of communications and business process management

Solution: continuous assistance in software product development and maintenance for network and seller companies active on electricity, water supply and district heating markets

Tools & Technologies: C#, .NET, Windows Forms, WCF and SOAP Web services, Windows Services, ADO.NET, RabbitMQ

Years: 10+ years for product evolution and maintenance

Client: a leading German provider of innovative consulting and IT solutions for the justice, church, government, and enterprise content management fields

Solution: a holistic solution in which we combined the functions of the company's centralized document storage in Alfresco with Outlook, which helped them retrieve and archive loads of critical content from user mailboxes in order to improve operational documentation, compliance, and sharing

Tools & Technologies: C#, .NET, VSTO, Aspose .NET, Alfresco Web Scripts, RESTful Web Services, Windows Installer

Years: four months of initial development, nine years for product evolution and maintenance

Client´s feedback

“Working with you was a very positive experience. Your dedication to build good solutions and your commitment to fix issues quickly was very valuable to create the high-quality product we delivered. We went through some difficult times together, but you always kept a positive attitude and you came up with new solutions approaches. I highly appreciate that!”
- Roeland Hofkens, CTO, Westernacher Solutions AG

Client´s feedback

“Working with Modus was a pleasure. Both quality and service were excellent. I know that the documentation we provided was very poor, but they solved all of the issues that arose very effectively and with excellent quality. I hope we can work together again in the future.”
- Tuija Nieminen, Customer Service Manager, CGI Finland OY

Client´s feedback

“We’ve been working with Modus since the early years, and it’s great to see how much they’ve developed professionally. I’m very satisfied with the work they’ve done and the level of cooperation between us. I’m very pleased that we have the opportunity to continue working together.”
- Jussi Savukari, Senior Software Architect, CGI Finland OY

Client´s feedback

“Thank you for the exceptional work you have done for us over the years and the contributions to one of our most important products. I very much appreciate your highly professional attitude across the board. We could count on you, when it came to analyzing and solving complex problems with customers, especially in case of extremely time-sensitive and critical issues, that required immediate attention.”
- Sven Klabunde, Senior Consultant, it-novum GmbH

Let's get in touch and learn how we can help you build your software products

Our Benefits

We adhere to high corporate standards in both coding and business ethics. We are experienced specialists, and we don’t hire people until we’re sure of their reliability. We are honest about problems that arise during development and inform our clients about the boundaries of our competence.


We take a systemic approach to development. We solve problems in a comprehensive, universal manner. We build competent application architectures that will be easily scalable in the future.


We’re always in touch, but we’re also able to independently explore all possibilities when realizing the task at hand. We make the right decisions with minimal information. We make the case for our solutions and chosen implementation methods, explaining why we made the choices we made, what we’re doing, and how we’re doing it.


We respect our Clients and carefully guard commercial secrets. We can guarantee the confidentiality of our participation in your project. We provide technical support to end users under theclient’s brand. We keep our code secure.

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Phone: +372 6211 240

Tartu mnt 83
10115 Tallinn
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Phone: +372 6211 240

Tartu mnt 83
10115 Tallinn
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About company


Modus is an IT company based in Tallinn, Estonia that was founded in 2000. We develop classic Windows applications, Windows Shell integration, specialized web-based services based on ASP.NET, and add-ins for Microsoft Office.

More than half of our portfolio is currently comprised of ERP and ECM systems for corporate customers, and we also help major IT companies develop these systems. The rest of our portfolio is made up of customized add-ins for Office (Outlook, Word, Excel). Office add-ins are plug-ins that help automate many of a business’s internal processes.

Our clients include major IT companies and large international corporations. The distinctive characteristic that our clients value most about us is that we are intellectual developers. We don’t just write code – we painstaking construct operable systems. In fact, 90 % of our clients come to us because of our unique approach to software development.

We have extensive experience with corporate clients in countries all over the world, including Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia and the US. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.