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All companies are different. Everyone dreams of finding themselves and realizing their potential. A person’s environment is something that strongly influences their development. If you feel like you’re in the wrong place, it’s time for a change. Modus could be just the environment you need to thrive.

How we work


Serious challenges

We solve non-trivial problems on a regular basis. There are few templates and a lot of individual development in our line of work. You won’t be able to Google the answer, but once you’ve solved a problem, other people just might Google your solution.


Continuous development

We believe in sharing knowledge. We create an internal community where your coworkers will be eager to give you advice and direction. We’re all about openness, and we want all of our employees to grow as professionals. However, maintaining a quiet, peaceful atmosphere is also a priority for us.


Individual approach

We see every employee, project, and client as an individual. We take differences into account and organize workflow in order to maintain harmonious interaction. If the project allows it, you can work remotely – there are no strict regulations.


Freedom of action

Despite the fact that every member of the team has clear goals, we highly appreciate independence and don’t try to control your every step. Within their area of expertise, employees have a high degree of freedom in making decisions and the opportunity to ask for help when they need it.

Opportunities for advancement

We develop and grow every year, expanding our circle of partners and the scope of our knowledge and experience. As our company grows, new opportunities are constantly appearing for the career growth of our employees. At Modus, you can grow as a professional.
You can start out as a junior programmer and eventually become an architect, or even change your career by moving from development into management. It all depends on your aspirations and personal qualities.
We won’t promise you meteoric advancement or fantastic raises, since everyone at Modus develops based on their own efforts. However, we’re confident that your efforts will be noticed and appreciated, and our gratitude will be expressed in the growth of your opportunities.

What we offer


A competitive salary

We offer a competitive salary, and we’re ready to revise it in proportion to your professional growth and your contribution to the development of the company. Every employee has the opportunity to express themselves and reach new professional levels.


Assistance in training and development

We offer assistance in training and development.You’ll be able to obtain the skills you need and determine what you should focus on in order to achieve maximum results. At Modus, you’ll feel like part of a responsive team, where more experienced colleagues are ready to come to your aid.


Interesting projects

We’ll give you a chance to have the unique, invaluable experience of working on large international projects. As a member of an international team with true professionals, you can hone your skills and broaden your horizons. There’s nothing quite like work that makes us better – both as professionals and individuals.


Flexible schedule

We offer you an opportunity to create a unique, flexible schedule that will empower you to harmoniously balance your professional responsibilities and personal lives. We strive to create a comfortable working environment that facilitates high productivity for every employee.


Work remotely

We give you the ability to work remotely, and we have the necessary infrastructure for telecommuting. This feature is always discussed separately and depends on the specific nature of a particular project.


Comfortable, quiet office

We’ll give you the opportunity to work in a comfortable office near downtown Tallinn. You can always have a cup of coffee or lunch in the break room. There’s free parking near the building, as well as bus and tram stop and several restaurants.

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About company


Modus is an IT company based in Tallinn, Estonia that was founded in 2000. We develop classic Windows applications, Windows Shell integration, specialized web-based services based on ASP.NET, and add-ins for Microsoft Office.

More than half of our portfolio is currently comprised of ERP and ECM systems for corporate customers, and we also help major IT companies develop these systems. The rest of our portfolio is made up of customized add-ins for Office (Outlook, Word, Excel). Office add-ins are plug-ins that help automate many of a business’s internal processes.

Our clients include major IT companies, small start-ups, and large international corporations. The distinctive characteristic that our clients value most about us is that we are intellectual developers. We don’t just write code – we painstaking construct operable systems. In fact, 90 % of our clients come to us because of our unique approach to software development.

We have extensive experience with corporate clients in countries all over the world, including Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia and the US. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.